this is vincent bellande. apiculteur, advocate for the environment, and all around wonderful human being.   

for our village study, we had a mixture of vacances et travail. we were in the south of france each in our own little lovely world and at the same time (au même temps) we were required to study a topic of our choice, make a photo essay, and present en français in front our program directors and all of the program’s host families at the end of our ten days. !!

already, looking back-it seems so surreal and beautiful and du magique.

while i was in laroque-des-albères, i decided to study apiculture (beekeeping) in the region (le pyrénées orientales) and the bees. the culture, the influence, the crucial element they play in our lives. this man is the reason it was all possible- an enormous thanks to him and the bees for doing their thing and doing it so well! 

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